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Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's a new year!!

Well, it is a new year!! 2010! I can only wait to see what is in store for us this year! One of my goals is to keep up on my blogging, so I am giving it a good effort. Because I have been SO bad... here is a little recap of our 2009 from the last time I posted in May.

Please bear with me and I will try to keep this as short and sweet as possible. :) Thanks.

Lagoon with Aunt Coley
Lunch at The Oaks with Grandma Parry and Coley

One of our many trips to Seven Peaks ( yes, Taysen does have milk all over his face :) )

Fireworks on the Fourth of July at Huntsville Park

Lagoon with Aunt Coley in the middle huge rainstorm

Staley thought he would give Stockton a haircut... Austin thought it would be a good idea for Stockton to return the favor.... needless to say I had a house full of buzz heads. :)

My cute chubby Taysen with his one tooth and crazy glasses.

"Boys Picnic"
One of Austin's sprang ankles!!

My cute chubby baby!

Staley milking his first cow and LOVING it, Stockton wanted NOTHING to do with it!

Stockton's field trip to Wheeler Farm.

Taysen at Stockton's fieldtrip.

Staley playing soccer and again LOVING it!

Stockton started soccer for the first year... he was awesome! It came so easy to him and he hated it!
"Mom, soccer is NOT fun! You might think so, but I don't!" -Stockton (he was really, really good though!)
Coley and I before the Ogden Half Marathon in May.
After the Ogden Half- I LOVED this run!!

Farr's Ice Cream

Hill Aerospace Museum ( I may have spelled that wrong)

Cousin sleepover at Coley and Justin's.

Coley and I (Justin and Stockton) after the Logan Marathon in Sept.

My number one fan!! Justin was and is SO great with my kids!!! Stockton at the marathon.

Dinner at the Mayan- the kids loved it.

Fishing with Uncle Jason, Aunt Coley Grandma and Grandpa Parry at Barker's Fish Farm.
First time fishermen and the boys LOVED it!

Taysen's 1st birthday.

Staley loves making a party look like a party- he decorated for Taysen's party.

The boys at Cornbelly's.

My handsome husband at the corn maze.

The boys costumes for Halloween.

For the different holidays, my boys loving having "special dinners" Well, this was Staley's decorating for our Halloween dinner- I must admit- he did a really good job!

Christmas '09

Sledding with Grandpa Parry. My dad is so great! He took my kids sledding and did ALL the work! Packed them up the hill, put them on the tube, pushed them down, went and retrieved them...packed them up the hill, put them on the tube...... Thanks dad! They really did love it!

And that is a glance of our 2009!

All in all it was a really good year. The best part?.. really being able to spend some good quality time with my boys. Something we all really missed and desperately needed. No fancy vacations were involved and yet, we were able to grow so much closer as a family. It is good trying to find a new normal for our lives and we take it day by day and step by step. I can only look forward to a new and better year!

Happy New Years!

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  1. looks like someone blew their load all over his face in that car seat.....wish it was me, mmmmmmmmmmmm I can just imagine that soft, warm, wet little mouth milking me