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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

There is great power in agency

Agency- Pres Eyring said "Agency is so priceless a gift from our Heavenly Father that a war in heaven was fought to defend it." "We can help by seeing clearly the opportunity. The teenager who begins to say "It's my life to live, my choices to make" is speaking truth, a wonderful truth. The choice to do good is the only way to build a life on the foundation of truth and light. Yet these words can strike fear into a parent or a bishop or a young women leader who loves the teenager. That outburst of independence usually comes when a rule is announced or something is forbidden. It may come with the mere appearance of authority, of anyone telling them what they must do." Pres. Eyring.

We somehow need to teach our children to obey out of love. Once they feel that they are doing something because they love the person asking them to do it, they will do it with much more enthusiasm. I can see very early in Staley's life that when he is forced to do something he really fights it. Agency is very powerful for the good and the bad. I can force someone to do something and it will get done, but where is the power in that? There is no power created when force is applied. The task will get completed but both parties did not grow. In contrast, when an individual accomplishes a task because he loves and respects the person who asks, power & love are evident. Agency is a gift from God and we must learn not only how to use it in our life but in others as well. The more that we are able to apply this God given gift in our everyday lives the more successful we will become. I am so grateful for agency. I look back in my life and it is very evident that I am who I am today because of the choices that I made. No one forced me growing up. My parents did a great job in allowing me to see the consequences of my decisions. I know that it was very difficult for them to sit back and see choices being made in my life and in my sibling's lives but they knew that the short term satisfaction was outweighed by being able to see past the now. Knowing that our character was being defined as correct choices were being made and great lessons were learned as we went down forbidden paths. Still today I see myself resisting, not on purpose, when I feel that I am forced to do something. I need to be more humble, I know but I see the great wisdom in Agency. I wish all could see that great power and learn how to utilize it. Austin Binks

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  1. I really just think the world of you two!! I am so glad you started updating...I always take to heart what you have to say, it helps me put things in perspective. Love your recent posts Kim...darling pictures, and your last post was VERY touching! Austin... it is crazy you just wrote about this, I just recently wrote a whole post about how I need to work on this, and that quote and your thoughts are so true, and exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks so much for sharing!!