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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Life is AMAZING... simple as that...

Thursday, December 23

It is 7:48AM and so far today has been truly incredible!  Many people know I am a fitness instructor- and today is just one more of those days that makes me realize just how much I love what I do. Today, things have, once again, been put into proper perspective.  I am constantly saying to my classes " Why do I have you do do 24 set of stairs.... why are we 15 minutes into a spinning class and completely wasted....why do I make you do this or that......Why?  Because we CAN!"  4 months ago another instructor-and friend,  I work with, Lisa Hardy, was hit by a suburban while riding her rode bike training for an upcoming race.... She was thrown 30 feet backward landing on the road, life-flighted, and lived to be an incredible inspiration to me, and many others.   The sign outside of her room in the ICU read D-... she was, literally,  on the edge of death. Well, today she came back to teach.... and she was amazing!

It is now Sunday, January 2nd...I wrote this post about a week and a half ago, but hadn't yet published it because I felt like there was more I needed to say...

Now that it is officially a "New Year", I am SO looking forward to it! I have done quite a bit of reflecting on the past year and.I have to admit...it definitely wasn't my best year- but nowhere near my  worst either.  I struggled a lot the past year in many areas of my life..... I feel like I am constantly sifting through, trying to come up with some big "plan"  to make things different, to make things better.... to let my fairytale life return. And we all know it just doesn't work that way.

The first day Lisa came back to teach, one thing she said, that made a huge impact on me was, "It was my attitude and determination that got me back here"  I love that. She had to work extremely hard to even be able to walk, and yet she was out there jogging, doing stairs and planning for her next marathon!! (Not to mention 4 months after nearly being killed!)  Talk about dedication!

Why is it that when things are tough, I find myself automatically turning toward the negatives of the situation, rather than the positives?  I HATE that about myself.  It is far too easy for me to think I can do it all on my own when I already know that I can't- so then why do I do it?  Why is it so hard for me to completely turn my whole trust over to my Father in Heaven- knowing that he knows best, that this test  is not more than a mere moment..... ?  And yet, how much do we take for granted?  Pretty much everything...Our spouse, our children, our families, our home, our jobs...our faith, our friendships, our health..... do we really realize all that we have been blessed with?

Last month I was in the temple and a lady came and sat next to me.... out of nowhere really, there were many empty seats, she opened up her scriptures and turned right to this verse and told me I should read this... and then she walked away.
Isaiah 41:10aFear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.
Let me just tell you how much I needed to hear this... This scripture was exactly what I needed at that exact moment in my life-

Along with many other instances over the past year, it has made me realize-once again... that I am ready to move forward. I am ready to really start living and loving my life, because before I know it- it will all be gone, and what a waste it would be to let it all just slip away. I never used to struggle with any of this, things always came so matter-of-fact and quite easy ..But now that has all changed, and because of that- it is the time to begin living, loving, trusting, believing, and realizing my true potential....I am ready-  All it takes is the right attitude and little bit of determination.... right?

Life is AMAZING.....simple as that....let's try not to take one single moment for granted.....


  1. Dearest Kim, this is the kind of beautiful inspiration I hope you will share on our new blog ;)! I love and admire you more then you could ever know. How blessed I am to know you!

  2. I love ur posts.
    and that scripture!! wow.
    U r right life is amazing. We watched "Hereafter" with the hubby , pretty depressing but I thought of life and its great to meditate about it specially starting a new year. Its like a birthday we all share.
    I hope this yr brings the best things for you in your marriage, as a mom , as a daughter , as a woman. I love ya.

  3. You're so funny! You're the amazing one to all the rest of us:) Thanks for the little reminders about the important things in life!

  4. Kim, Great post! I love the scripture. We have a similar one Joshua 1:9 hanging in our living room. Whenever I am feeling down I remember that the Lord is there for me and I don't need to be afraid or worry about the challenges in life. He is always there carrying me through the dark times. When you learn to put full trust in the Lord, amazing things happen. You grow in ways you never thought were possible.
    I love knowing that he has a better plan for me and blessing are waiting around the corner.

    Keep up the positive thinking.

    :) Tiffani

  5. I love reading your post because you always say things that I think, but am way to scared to say it. I had tons of struggles this last year. I also struggle with turning completely to the Lord. It is very hard. I also am really good at looking the negative and looking past all of the AMAZING things that are right in front of me. Thank you for putting things into words for me! You are truly amazing and I look up to you so much.

  6. Kim, you are my hero. And, it's funny to think that. . because I've never really met you. But, I read your blog a lot, and I've probably read your story about Kamberlie one million times. . I remember the news story on it, and being told about it. It's weird what touches someones life, because your little girl has touched mine. . You continue to amaze me.. I know you probably hurt more than most people can understand, but you hold your head high, and you get through it, and I look up to that so much. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for being my hero.

  7. Love this Kim! You make me want to be a better person as well!

  8. Thanks for posting, Kim. Even though we may view things from different perspective, it's what we agree upon that really matters: Loving and appreciating our relationships, particularly those with our families, is the most important thing we can do. Your posts are so uplifting. I will always admire you... and use this article as motivation to push myself harder at the gym! Much love,