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Austin & Kim, Staley (11), Kamberlie (would be 9), Stockton (8 ),Taysen (5), Kenzlie (4)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This is how I spent last Saturday....

 Just forewarning you there are LOTS of pictures to follow...

It honestly makes me giddy even thinking about it. :)

Okay so seriously- THE FUNNEST RACE EVER!  I have definitely run before.  In fact I would feel pretty comfortable saying that I have run, and run, and run- but NEVER like this.  Never in the mud, or on a 10k  trail course full of crazy obstacles.

 It just happened to be a whim that I was able to run this race- A super fun group of girls from the gym had been planning on running this race for quite a while- but about a week prior to the race one of their team members (cute Melissa)  had an injury and knowing Melissa, the only reason why she didn't go ahead and run it anyway was because she needed to take it easy before running the St. George Marathon the next Saturday!! :)  ( She is an animal)  So, I was invited- and to tell  you the truth, quite hesitant on running not knowing at all what to expect.

The weather was perfect. The company was even better.  

Ana, Cari, Ree, Me, Lisa
Cheering on the girls with the "polygamy brother"
Pretty positive this guys wife didn't like us so much.
note: his shirt says "Polygamy is exhausting"  pretty funny.
...not quite sure what was going on here :)
....more running.
Stop and pose.
Down the slide.
Just after the slide
This picture is kind of blurry,
but in case you are wondering- that just happens to
be my arm before I started treading water!...gross.
I swear to you- Throughout this course...
all this mud- isn't JUST mud if you know what I'm saying!  Gross!
Cari, Me, Lisa, Ree, Ana
Seriously, so dirty...and stinky.

All done. :) 

Oh...don't worry they did provide showers-
 they just happened to be ICE COLD. Pretty much couldn't breathe.

I am SO glad I ended up going- and definitely plan on doing it every year- pretty much forever!   :)

Ree, Me, Lisa, Tiburon, Cari, Ana, Melissa
As clean as we were gonna get.

One more pose with the race mascot...yep a pig.

Thought I would add this video clip for your sheer entertainment. :)  ENJOY.


  1. Good job! My sister and sister-in-law were there too. They loved it.

  2. WAIT?! You ran through mud and POOP!?!?!? This begs the question where did the poop come from? I was just thinking how fun it looked until poop became involved, Maybe I just misunderstood :) Please for the love tell me I misunderstood!!

  3. How fun. We'll have to plan on it next year. *

  4. Kim - that looks so much fun and so dirty. Please let me know when this race comes around again. It's not everyday you get to swim in mud and poop. Bring it on.

  5. Some girls at my work were talking about this! It looks so fun! We would love to do your pictures sometime! I just saw your fall pictures on facebook, they are adorable!!! Just let me know when you need some more! We're always in need of cute families (especially after that last wedding - yikes!)

  6. That is awesome- What a fun way to change it up a bit. You are so tiny! You bounce back so quickly after having a baby. Way to go!

    I also love the old pictures of you and Austin, that is great to have that story recorded.