"Our Beautiful Family"

Austin & Kim, Staley (11), Kamberlie (would be 9), Stockton (8 ),Taysen (5), Kenzlie (4)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's time to move forward...

Staley has to write a report on a farm animal and he kept wanting to do it on a giraffe... once I could finally convince him that there weren't any giraffes on a farm, he then decided he would do his report on a camel- needless to say he finally and reluctantly chose a cow. He said "I really wish I could have a cow and then it could lay milk whenever I wanted" (?!) So then we had to go into a talk about how cows don't "lay" milk. He then went on to say, "Umm.. I don't think I like milk. And milk is so gross because it is inside the cows body and it touches their bones" My little boy is so odd. He definitely takes after his dad. :)

In fact, all my kids have been a little bit odd - I wonder when I am going to have one that takes after me? :) The funny thing is, a lot of the things Staley says reminds me so much of myself! Pretty funny.

Staley's picture of "his cow"

I know I just wrote a couple of days ago and I think I am going to try to make this as short and sweet as possible.

It's time.

I am done. I am so finished feeling sorry for myself. Easier said than done I know, but I am ready to find the "new me," the "new mom, the new wife, the new daughter, friend, cousin, sister....the new Kim." And I keep holding myself back. I look at my life and I am so grateful for every single thing and person in it. Honestly, I love my life so much and I have been given and blessed with SO much. It is time for me to start showing it. No more poor Kim, no more feeling sorry for myself, no more, well- just no more. Kamberlie loved absolutely every single thing that life had to offer her. I am sure that she would want nothing less for me. It is time to live and love the path I have been given. Will I have bad days ahead? Absolutely, but I think- no I know- I can go about them differently. I am not saying that I am done talking about or sharing memories of my baby girl, not at all. Everywhere I look there is someone hurting, someone needing and someone who is really just in need of someone to be there for them. I have been there. I was thrown right into it, and although I cannot relate to others exact circumstances... I can relate to their feelings, and to their hurt. I need to be there for other people, just like so many people have been there for me.

I love my family more than anything else in this whole world.

It is time to really show them. I am ready to move forward...


  1. I have to say you ARE a "dang good mom" to those boys! I know I only see you every once in a while- but those are happy little kids who have been blessed with the two greatest parents. In fact you have no idea the awesome influence you have on all those who know you. I sure try to be a better mom because of you, and your trials, and your amazing way of touching others without even knowing or trying. We all have our bad days and we are not going through such unimaginable heartache as you. Heavenly Father will make up for those times because he knows us and loves us and he knows we are doing the best we can! And just for the record even though you are entitled to those moments to feel sorry for yourself I haven't noticed it for a second.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We love you and your cute family.

  2. Kim, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your blog. Every time I read your post I feel like I can be a stronger women because of your example. This trial that you have been faced with, I feel as though you have done it very gracefully and amazingly well. I see your strength and it makes me stronger! I love this family that we have been blessed with. I mean truly blessed with. When we get together I feel such love. Also I wanted to thank you for talking with me at your mom's the other day. A lot of the times that I go to family things I feel like the outcast. I am not sure why.. whether it is because we aren't as well to do as other's or that our life is not as put together. I am not sure. But the other day I felt as though someone wanted me to be there. Which I needed very much. So thank you for you kindness!

  3. I am so excited to be invited to your blog. I love your thoughts. It is easier said that done. I love reading this. I think you are amazing. Thanks for coming today. I wish I could have visited with you more.

  4. You are an inspiration. I am lucky to have you for a friend. Your blog is just what I need right now. And yes, Lauren can marry Staley, but tell him a mission sounds like a good idea to me.