"Our Beautiful Family"

Austin & Kim, Staley (11), Kamberlie (would be 9), Stockton (8 ),Taysen (5), Kenzlie (4)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kenzlie Binks has made her mark!!!

Well she is finally here. The long wait is over. We are so excited to welcome our little Kenzlie to our family. She was born on January 19th 2010 at 12:06 pm. She weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces. She was 19'' long. Every thing was so perfect. We couldn't have asked for anything to go any smoother. Heavenly Father knows a little bit about tender mercies. Too amazing!!! If there is one person that deserves such a beautiful little girl it's that sexy person in the picture. No not that one. The one below. Look at her. Goodness just radiates from her. Just looking at her you can feel the spirit. She is truly one of God's greatest. If you can't see that then you don't know Kim. She's the best Mom & wife out there. Thanks for all you do babe. I love you way too much. You make me feel like a King.

Friday night we thought for sure that we would be going in to have this baby. The contractions started and we were on our way. Well Friday night passed and then came Saturday. This was going to be the day. The contractions were getting stronger. Still no luck. Sunday would have to be the day. So we went out to eat Saturday night to celebrate. This had to be the final meal before she came. Sunday morning came & I was miserable. I did not want her to come yet. I ate something that did not do me well. Many trips to the bathroom to say the least was our Sunday. If she came on Sunday things would not be fun. I was supposed to cater to Kim and she was the one taking care of me. Imagine that! A nine month pregnant wife taking care of me. See what I mean. That's Kim! We got through and made it until Monday. By then we just said we are waiting for tomorrow to welcome her. Anyway Tuesday morning came we got up as if we were getting ready to go on a trip. We showered, cleaned, ate, packed,(More like grabbed the bag since it was packed by Kim two weeks earlier), etc. It did not feel like we were going to have a baby. Needless to say, scheduling to have your baby is the way to go. We get to the hospital, fill out paperwork, no rush, no hurry, no pain, simple & easy. I mean, come on, did you see how Kim looks. Fabulous! Ladies don't do it any other way!

We are still trying to find out who she looks like. It's hard to tell for me who any of my kids look like so it doesn't help that they change so quickly. Dang cute. We are open to suggestions. I'm a little nervous how Taysen is going to act or react I should say. He is so spoiled and now he just won't get the attention that he is used to. So please if Kenzlie has bruises and is banged up please don't turn us into the state. Taysen might just kick the crap out of her. We'll keep an eye or two on her. Yes! Daddy did pick out the bow. Mommy had nothing to do with that. No! I'm not gay or metro. Kim is trying to teach me a little style. Oh and by the way her nick name will be Z (ZEE) or ZB (ZeeBee) or zeebeebeebee (KenZlie Binks BaBy) (Beebee) baby with a slight accent. Zibibibi. I'm sure at some point she will grow out of the bi bi part of her nick name. I am just so excited to have another little bibi girl. Before we had any kids I told Kim that I would be fine having all boys. I didn't need the high stress, high maintenance of girls. Oh how I was wrong. Kamberlie just melted my heart. I couldn't imagine life with out her. Now I can't imagine life after with out her. And now I have the privilege of raising another one of God's great daughters. It's humbling and so gratifying all at the same time. I love both of them so much. Kim was falsely accusing me of hogging Kenzlie already. I was sharing! There is always two sides to every story. Mine is the one that is usually correct but who's counting? Words can not describe how I feel. Again, I just need to let everyone know that God is in the drivers seat. HE KNOWS, HE KNOWS, HE KNOWS! That's all there is to it. I wish everyone could see that. Life would make much more sense to so many people. That question of WHY is so uncalled for. To think that we even have the nerve to question God is beyond me and yet we hear and see people doing it everyday. Why did this happen or why does it have to be this way. Maybe instead of a question the statement could be, " I am anxious to see how God shaped and developed me through this experience" or "I can't wait to understand why but am so glad that God knows me and loves me enough to let me struggle through it." Poor picked on me is too often the attitude of people these days. Study the life of Job a little bit and that should put your life into perspective. Study the life of Emma Smith and you might just say, Okay God I'm good with my trials. Because through it all, when we are ready, God turns the trials of life into great miralces of happiness. I am a witness of that. Today is a great day. I feel so blessed. I am so blessed. I love my Heavenly Father so much.


  1. She is adorable! You two have such beautiful kids! Good Luck with the days too come!

  2. Oh my!!!!! What a perfect little newborn! It's true Kim, you look amazing. Good job Guys!

  3. Ok so just in case you care :) I am reading this bawling my eyes out! God is so good. Thank you for your awesome examples. It is such a privledge to associate with such greatness!

  4. "Congratulations" does not say enough. I had no idea that little Kenzlie had been born until it was announced in Sacrament mtg today. I am so excited for your family. God really takes care of us and is in the drivers seat. We are just along for the ride, and hopefully a good ride if we stay righteous. Thanks for your examples!!!! Have fun with that precious spirit.

  5. She is beautiful you two. Austin thank you for your beautiful words. You are both such amazing, strong examples. Thank you. Have such a fun time with that beautiful Daughter of our Father in Heaven. I am so excited to be able to see her some day.
    Kim, My dad and my little sister have that father dauchter bond you talk about. It really is amazing and wonderful.

    Our Father in Heaven turly is wonderful. I know I am so grateful that he knows me so well and knows how to make my life better. The sad times and hard times we have to go through in this life make us the people He knows we can be. And just think... Maybe Kamberlie and my Angellyn are playing and watching over us.

    Hug that baby girl
    Luv ya