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Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year...

It is now 2009! I am looking forward to a new year and am excited to see what awaits us.

The past couple of weeks have been so much fun. One of the reasons I love this time of year is because I feel that it brings our famiy closer together by being able to share more time with one another. Christmas was perfect and even better than I could have imagined it. Again, I have an amazing family that I owe so much to! I feel incredibly grateful every day to take a look around myself and see how blessed I truly am.

On Saturday we were able to go to my parents home and have a family "snow day". I honestly don't remember the last time my brothers and sisters were all together playing in the snow! It was so much fun. Definately something that I would all love to start as a tradition with our families! Good Times!

My boys are already growing up way to fast! It makes me so sad to see how much time Ifeel like I have lost. Stockton is in love with his preschool teacher and swears that everything in his little 3 year old life he has ever learned has come from his teacher, Ms. Jody! Staley is getting taller by the second and is so dang smart it is scary.

By the time we got home last night, all 3 boys were alseep in the car. I carried Stockton in and put him in bed and all he kept saying was " I want Justin! I want Justin! (he adores his uncle Justin) When I put Staley in bed he kind of woke up and I started telling him how excited I was for him to meet his new primary teacher in the morning. He looked straight at me and said " Mom, I sure hope she looks good!" It was so funny and so Staley!

If there is one thing I have learned in the past year, it would be to never take any single moment for granted! So often I have found myself living blindly, but memories can so easily be taken from us and we never get that time back. I am commiting myself to live in the present, be grateful every single day for all that I have, and to cherish every moment I have with all the people who surround my little world. We never know what may happen or if we will ever have the time to tell people how we feel. We need to celebrate life and truly live like there is no tomorrow!

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  1. well kim can you blame stockton? his teacher is a cutie! ha ha. i saw her the day i took him in there and dropped him off